Are you a developer looking to top up your understanding in a particular area? Perhaps you don’t code at all, but work closely with those who do – or maybe your company is looking to offer ongoing professional development to your team.

At Mayden Academy, we offer a variety of courses and workshops to increase your skill set and knowledge of computer programming.

Our workshops

Developers can opt to take any one or a selection of our academy modules to brush up their skills. Explore the options here and get in touch – we’ll create a package to suit you.

Whether you’re considering moving to Git as a company, or have just been wondering what more you could be doing with Git, this workshop will take you to the next level.

We’ll take a deeper look at how it works, learn what a “detached head state” is, and discover some helpful features and strategies to improve the way you work.

Do you struggle with CSS? Feel as though it isn’t a logical programming language?

This is a one day workshop for developers who prefer back-end. Together we’ll demystify CSS and help you figure out how you can achieve the desired results every time.

A one day workshop for developers who want to start building responsive, cross-platform supported HTML emails.

Unlike websites, emails don’t follow the usual rules. This workshop will walk you through how to build emails, how to fix common bugs and why there are so many rules for email development.

Do you work closely with software engineers, but have a limited understanding of the world of coding?

This one day workshop will provide those in roles such as product owner, business manager and marketing with a broad introduction to software development. The workshop will demystify some of the technical terms used by developers, shedding light on what coding is, on how different techniques work, and on basic programming concepts.

We’ll run through some practical exercises, so that you return to the office with an enriched understanding that will improve communication and increase productivity across your company.

A two day course delivered by Paul Goddard from scrum training specialists, Agilify.

Paul uses a varied mix of both theory and practical exercises that will prepare you for working in teams with an agile approach to delivering projects. We will introduce the roles and responsibilities needed to create an effective scrum team with a strong focus on the role of the ScrumMaster.

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We’re also developing new workshops all the time and can create one tailored to your needs. Let us know how we can help.

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