The academy was created in 2015 by Mayden: a fast growing software company based in Bath and always looking for new developers.

For a few years we’d been struggling to find the coding talent we wanted at the rate we needed it.

We were part of the biggest tech hub outside London, but the pool of qualified developers looking for work was limited.

The computer science graduates we spoke to had a rich academic knowledge of coding, but little practical experience in applying that knowledge.

And we didn’t like working with agencies – they were expensive and time consuming – and frankly we understood what we needed better than they did.

Mayden’s director, Chris had an idea: we’d create an academy to train aspiring computer programmers to be exactly the kind of developers we wanted to hire – knowledgeable, curious problem-solving team players who knew their way around a scrum board.

The curriculum would be written and taught by professional developers with a real grasp on exactly the skills a new developer needed, not just to land their first job as a junior dev, but to thrive in it.

Mayden interviewed, tested and then hired every one of the grads from that first course.

And we were really pleased with what we found. Each one of them hit the ground running. They were collaborative, had a real love of coding, and truly knew their stuff.

To date, every one of our graduates has been offered a job in development within 90 days of completing the Full Stack Track course. We’re really proud of that.

Find out more in this video where Mike, Charlie and our founder, Chris May take a trip down memory lane…

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