Challenge + collaboration = magic

When it comes to solving problems, two heads are better than one. And a room full of people working and learning together is where the magic happens.

Hard work is always worth it

16 weeks to learn to code... this will be no walk in the park. It’s a steep learning curve, but we're right there with you, guiding you through and helping you build on your skills week by week.

Learn from someone who's been there

Mike and Charlie are both professional developers, and have worked for leading software companies. They have years of experience and project work under their belts. These two don't just teach programming - they live and breathe it.

Theory is great but practice is better

We believe in teaching through hands on experiences with practical, real life projects - the kind you'll be working on every day as a developer after you graduate.

Community matters

We're part of a thriving local tech community and it's about time you got involved. We'll introduce you to new friends, future colleagues and of course, employers.