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Hi, I’m Sam, a trainer at Mayden Academy. Before I came to the Academy I worked as Software Development Manager for a company that built a parental control app, contributing to kids spending less time on their phones and some hilarious 1-star reviews on the Play Store.

I came to development from a pretty mixed career. I worked my way through various roles in accounting departments then investment analysis, including six years working in Thailand, which I loved, and from there to tech support.

It was in this tech support role that I started poking around and looking at what was happening behind the scenes. I taught myself with online resources in my free time and after a long time learning, began making real changes to the actual codebase. I don’t remember being given explicit permission to start proposing changes to the codebase but I do very clearly remember the stress of my first pull request!

To me programming is a wonderful opportunity for learning every day. There’s always something else to pick up and play with; whether it’s a front-end framework you haven’t experimented with yet, a brand new language, or a platform you heard about at a meetup. Starting to learn something new is always going to be a challenge but once you’re equipped with the right mental tools it’s a really fun journey.

When I’m not coding, I’m eating posh biscuits and watching Stargate re-runs. I also play Dungeons and Dragons – my character, Matilda, is a little old lady turned ninja with a pet Yorkshire terrier the size of a horse. I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy books and pick up the Irish tin whistle once every month or so.