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Hi, I’m Mike. I’m the lead trainer at Mayden Academy. For two years, I’ve been training academy students to become software developers. Before I started doing this, I worked as a developer for Mayden. I have about 10 years experience in the industry – working for myself and for other companies across the region.

I first got into web development when I was 14. We did a few lessons on websites in my ICT class. The challenge that coding provided spoke to my nature as a problem-solver. Following those lessons I began to dedicate my evenings and weekends to teaching myself how to code, using any resources I could. Eventually, I landed my first contract.

After I’d been working as a developer for a few years I began running private coding lessons for young people also looking to become developers, all of whom now work for established software agencies. I’ve always had an interest in sharing knowledge and find it really satisfying to help others to achieve their goals.

Software development is one of the most valuable skills in today’s society. Everything is run by computers and the internet these days, and the growth of the industry – particularly in Bath and the South West – is astonishing. Good developers have never been in such demand.

Looking back on the time it took to self-train and develop my skillset ten years ago, I can’t help but wish I’d had an opportunity like this available to me. In just 16 weeks at the academy, we’re able to set up someone with the knowledge and experience to begin a brand new career.