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If you ask me, one of the most important qualities a developer can have is the ability to problem solve. It’s also one of the parts of my job I enjoy the most. Being faced with a multitude of challenges to overcome each day is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, especially when approached with the mindset that each is just a Rubik‚Äôs cube waiting to be solved.

I came to development from a career background that encompassed all sorts of jobs, from project management to owning my own business. I was thrilled to find out that these past endeavours helped make me a more well rounded developer: the people skills I learned from handling clients, the analytical eye I developed from managing my own financials, the good memory I developed from taking large orders behind a bar…!

The satisfaction I gain from pair programming with students, hacking something together and seeing a creation come to life, along with seeing students have lightbulb moments of understanding about a technology or concept – these are the things that motivate me to be a part of others coding journeys. Watching a class grow into an accomplished and technically confident group of developers is one of the great rewards of teaching people to code.