Mayden Academy Students 2016

Rhymes T

Father of two, long term insomniac and Rubik’s cube addict, Rhymes has always had a keen interest in technology, specifically computers and the web. Having worked for the past 20 years in various administrative roles, he has often found himself being the guy that other staff call on for IT support.

Rhymes rekindled his previously forgotten interest in HTML and CSS while on paternity leave in 2015, when he spent some time relearning forgotten information, picked up some JavaScript, and graphic design basics, as well as Xcode. He began plotting a career change and moving into the digital world. Being selected to join Mayden Academy provided just the opportunity that Rhymes was looking for, as well as a welcome break from the norm and a new and challenging learning environment.

Ralph R

Ralph studied for his maths degree at the University of Surrey, with an exchange year at North Carolina State University. He graduated in 2013 and began teaching GCSE and A Level maths at an independent school in Dorset. Ralph then moved to Bristol to pursue a more technical career and enjoy the delights of the city. Observing that the 21st century’s answer to inventors and tinkerers are software developers, Ralph went in search of training, and came across Mayden Academy. In his free time, when he’s not trying out a new recipe with his partner Esther, Ralph likes to juggle, dance and play basketball.

Aimée W

Aimée joined Mayden Academy having uncovered a passion for programming during her part­-time Computing & IT degree at the Open University. She previously graduated from the University of Sussex with an English degree and feels very fortunate to have the opportunity to combine her fascinations for languages and computing.

Luke W

After completing his GCSEs, Luke went straight to his local college to study computing. Three years later, he graduated with a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Computing and Systems Development. After leaving college, Luke began working in a warehouse while looking for jobs within the IT industry.

A passionate learner, Luke believes that being part of the Mayden Academy will help him to grow as a person and will lead toward a career in an area that he loves: coding.

Jess I

Jess grew up in Liverpool and graduated with an honours degree in maths in 2015. She fell in love with the logic of coding whilst at university and so spent a year volunteering and self-teaching code after graduating. In 2016 Jess joined Mayden Academy in order to learn more and gain the necessary skills to work in the software development industry.

Alistair M

After finishing school in Bath, Ali attended Newcastle University where he studied mechanical engineering. After graduating, he spent some time working as a technical recruitment consultant in London before heading back to Bath in search of a career change.