Mayden Academy was created by Mayden: a fast growing software company, always looking for talented new developers to join the team. For a few years we’d been struggling to find the coding talent we needed at the rate we needed it.

We didn’t like working with agencies – they were expensive and time consuming – and frankly we understood what we needed better than they did.

We also wanted to be able to offer a range of professional development training opportunities to our experienced software developers.

We decided to grow our own

At Mayden Academy, we’re training people to be the types of junior developers we wished we could find: competent, enthusiastic, problem-solving full stack developers with demonstrable hands-on experience who are ready to jump right into their first junior role.

Hire our graduates

We're offering employers the chance to get to know our students before they graduate. Like the companies below, you can make an offer and secure the best new developers before they even enter the job market.

What do our partners say?

David Harvey,

Simon Moore,
Head Of Development


Lead Developer

Rhymes has been with Seccl for three months now, and feedback from the whole team has been completely positive. He has strong coding abilities, and a huge desire to learn and better himself. On top of that, he is an extremely thoughtful and considerate member of our team. He has made a big impression on all of us.

Rhymes was productive immediately, and he has demonstrated a broad understanding of software engineering. His knowledge of scrum is impressive – he’s made significant contributions to shaping our processes. He is also more than comfortable giving input into technical architecture discussions. On that basis, Rhymes has surpassed expectations of someone at entry level with no commercial experience.

One area Rhymes himself is looking to improve in is unit testing, although he arrived with the basic knowledge and skills to do this.

I would absolutely consider recruiting another academy graduate. Rhymes is a truly unique individual, but it was the academy that has given him not only the tools, but the opportunity to change direction and find a creative place to grow his new career.

David Harvey, CTO

The developers we hired were able to quickly embed themselves into the Lovehoney team and actively engage with our development practices. They quickly picked up more difficult work as their knowledge grew and have been fast to learn new technologies. Mayden Academy has proved to be a good source of hungry new developers keen to learn and I would recommend them to both prospective students and employers.

Simon Moore, Head Of Development

Ben is a clever and driven guy, and a really good fit for Rocketmakers. He contributes well to problem solving and asks a lot of questions. We would definitely consider hiring another academy graduate in the future.

I’m a university graduate myself, but I’ve never believed that a degree guarantees that a candidate will be good at the job; if someone is hardworking and passionate about what they do, we will give them a chance.

Keith, CTO

Pete is a phenomenal member of our team. His passion to learn and approach to problem solving has been driven by his time at Mayden Academy. We appreciate the foundation knowledge that covers briefly the majority of the development gamut as taught. Mayden Academy is our choice for filling new entry roles on our teams, with trust that candidates have had a wide exposure pre-onboarding.

Leigh, Lead Developer