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Are you looking for a software developer who’ll become part of your company culture and grow with your business?

Use your apprenticeship levy to introduce new software developers into your business at a reduced cost and a retention of minimum 12-14 months.

With a front-loaded 16 week course (our famous Full Stack Track), apprentices begin providing value from day one in the office.

And with a guaranteed period of employment, you know they’ll have time to appreciate what makes your company great and want to stick around for the long term.


  • Use your apprenticeship levy to cover course costs
  • Secure an apprentice for a guaranteed 12-14 month period
  • Apprentices achieve a level 4 qualification accredited by the British Computing Society
  • Identify people within your business who could be upskilled
  • Attract more women into tech roles in your business
  • No recruitment fees

How to hire an apprentice

The process can take two forms: we can send course applicants to you for interview, or you can identify people with potential inside or outside your business and send them to us for assessment.

After passing our assessment and your interview, the apprentice will begin with four months of intensive software developer training (our core Full Stack Track course), then go on to 12-14 months of work with their employer. Based on their portfolio of work, a final project undertaken at Mayden Academy, and an interview with their manager, the apprentice will then be awarded their qualification.

Our apprenticeships are offered in partnership with Bath College, and accredited by British Computing Society (BCS).

Apprenticeships are a great way to upskill women working in other areas of your business to bring more balance to your tech teams.

You can also use them to retrain those returning from career breaks, who already have a wealth of valuable transferrable skills and experience.

Contact us to find out more.